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Argus Insights Consumer Innovation Analytics (CIA) is the first real-time analytics service designed to improve the product innovation cycle. The data is derived from thousands of users input shared in social media. CIA transforms the raw data into meaningful insights that highlight how the market is responding to a product release. Data is mined and analyzed into simple visualizations that are easy to understand by everyone involved in the product innovation cycle. Designed with the product marketing and development community in mind, the visualizations are easy to understand and valuable to everyday decisions everyone from CMO to product manager to marcom to market intelligence professional. From concept and competitive assessment to launch evaluation, Argus Insights CIA aligns all marketing functions with actionable product experience metrics.

Argus Innovation CIA web-based interface is available by subscription and is designed to augment other forms of market research.

Check out our webinar “Delight or Die – Does Your Product Only Satisfy” with a case study of the recent tablet market.