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Argus Insights is a privately held company located in Los Gatos, Calif., and founded in 2009 based on Stanford PhD research by CEO John Feland. Feland started Argus to help other product designers deliver products that resonate with the market. “There’s no reason for anyone to have bad products” John states. “Users are quick and prolific in providing feedback that can be used to better understand what users are currently expecting. Harnessing this feedback into the innovation cycle can eliminate the product misses we see today.”

Argus Insights is the world leader in Product Innovation Analytics. By harnessing user experience data available in social media, Argus delivers insights that keep companies in tune with the current expectations of the marketplace. The company enables companies in Consumer Electronics, CPG, Retail, Travel and Leisure, Consumer Software, and Telcom service providers to realize higher returns by incorporating user experience into their product innovation cycle.

Our core belief is that user experience correlates to product success. The world’s most valuable company gained their position by focusing on users expectations, not product specs. We can enable user experiences to drive your success as well.

The company’s flagship SaaS product called Consumer Innovation Analytics (CIA) augments traditional market research with a web-based dashboard of real-time product experience insights. The data is useful for an entire company’s marketing organization. In addition, Argus Insights has a set of product innovation cycle services that help companies drive sales success, product innovation, and user evangelism. Please explore our website for more information or contact us.


John Feland, CEO and Founder

John Feland is the award winning founder and CEO of Argus Insights. With background in both industrial and component-level design, carrier influences, and OEM collaboration, Feland brings his expert knowledge and perspective on product design to to Argus Insights,

In 2009-2010, Feland was the Executive Director for Stanford University’s ME310 Design Innovation course. In 2008, Feland served as Chief Technologist for SK Telecom America’s R&D Group. Prior to SKTA, Feland led Synaptics’ marketing division to help handset manufacturers integrate next-generation capabilities. Feland was the principle architect for the Onyx Concept Phone, the world’s first capacitive multi-touch mobile experience. Feland holds an S.B. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT, an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.


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